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Executioner Sled Team The Executioner II

The Executioner sled was engineered and built by Don Alves from Brooklin. When the Alves family decided to retire, Chuck and Jude Clements purchased the sled and ran it. After 8 years Chuck and Jude wanted to retire, we (Dan and Judy Fair) purchased the sled. It is a very unique piece of machinery to run. After 3 years we decided to put it into the shop for a major rebuild. After countless hours of talking with major sled builders in the USA we are going ahead and updating this wonderful sled. The executioner is a certified class 6 sled.

The Judge Sled was the very first sled built by Don Alves as well. After he built the executioner, he sold the sled to John Worton. John kept it until he sold it to Kevin Holmes, who sold this sled to us. When we purchased this sled it was a pull-back style sled. We decided to make it a self propelled, and after 2 years we think it works excellent. The Judge is a certified class 6 sled.

In the winter of 2012 the Executioner sled team purchased a sled from Madison Wisconsin. This sled is a certified class 7 flat built speed sled known as Executioner II

Our latest addition to the fleet is the Electric Chair which is a small sled used for Garden tractors and ATV’s.

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